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Friday, February 25, 2011

Arizona Agenda of Hate

I moved to Phoenix to be able to observe and feel first hand what type of circumstances, and what type of people, create and live in an environment that incubates both violence and palpable racial tension.  (At least the current version thereof, as my home state of Michigan’s racial polarization between whites and blacks in the 60’s and 70’s was precisely that.)

A Facebook friend of mine recently made the following post:

Update to the AZ Agenda of Hate: SB1117

AZ Prop 200 - Proof of Citizenship when Voting
AZ SB1102 - Carry Concealed Weapon w/o Permit
AZ SB1153 - Knife Rights
AZ SB1070 - "Papers, Please"
AZ HB 2281 - Ban of Ethnic Studies
AZ SB1097 - Cataloging Children’s Residency Status at Schools
AZ Prop 107 - Elimination of Affirmative Action Programs
AZ HB2077 - Registration of Federal Entities with County Sheriffs
AZ SB1117 -Gives the leaders of state Congress unlimited power to use public
funds to defend the anti-immigrant bill SB1070 influenced....US H.R. 1868 - No Citizenship Birthright for Children of Non-Citizens

And I suppose I should now add SB 1405, which would restrict emergency medical care and treatment for undocumented immigrants, and SB 1222, which would effectively turn public housing administrators into immigration control officers. 

Though my friend was right to make the point, what I found in Phoenix was much different than what was advertised.  And having come of age in Michigan in the 1960’s, home to the Detroit riots, I cannot say I was very surprised.  I suppose I possess a Midwestern bias; however, I consider people from the that area of the country, particularly the 5-state area with which I am most familiar—Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and, of course, Michigan—to house the kindest, most generous, most forgiving, most genuine, and most compassionate people in this great country.  The people are real; what you see is generally what you get.

Native Arizonans are, for the most part, Indians whose land we stole, or Mexicans who we say are here illegally.  They can hardly be blamed for the Arizona agenda of hate. 

The people of Phoenix, indeed the entire State of Arizona, hardly deserve the reputation their “leaders” have earned for them in the last 30 years.  They are every bit as hospitable as the those of the South, as bright as the shiniest stars of the East, as genuine and down to earth as the people of the Midwest, and, of course, on the cutting edge of all that is bold and hip about the West.

Arizona people are wonderful, loving people.  Most of them migrated to the Grand Canyon State from somewhere else.  It’s the reason Arizonans possess many of the good qualities of all parts of our country.  Like Texas, it is big, and freedom grows unabated where it has room to do so..  Like California, it was the land of opportunity, and attracted many looking for new lives or fresh starts.  And it is the playground of the Sun, which gives love, warmth, and light not because it expects something in return, but because that is its function.

These elevated level of freedoms historically available in Arizona---of speech, of opportunity, of the ability to protect oneself, freedom from regulation---inure to everyone.  Just as the Nazi’s have every right and freedom to march in Skokie to ensure that they will never, ever come to power, so has every right-wing ignoramus the freedom to settle in and make his or her voice heard in Arizona. 

Since Barry Goldwater’s lunacy charge to start World War III in 1964, it seems every right wing-nut job who wants to remake himself goes to Arizona.  JD Hayworth, William Rehnquist, Ben Quayle, Joe Arpaio, Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce, and now a host of Nazi’s and out-of touch-with-reality Republican state legislators—just to name a very few.  They are preaching to a choir of zombies-esq minions who moved to Arizona for the same reasons their “leaders” did.  (BTW—Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck are not “leaders”, but rather circus clowns,)

The state now shines as the brightest and most shameful example of what happens when right-wingers have any control.  The urge to repeal, restrict, and repress out of fear is the calling card of all right-wing reactionaries. 

It's fair (not FAIR) to call the record above the Arizona agenda of hate.  But if one believes the type of thinking underlying it is in any way unique to, or reflective of, Arizona in a way that is not duplicated in EVERY other area of the county, then I submit one needs to take a look around, and wake up and smell the coffee (not necessarily in that order). 

Just as Arizona has taken the lead in the propagation of this hate, it will be the State of Arizona that will be responsible for the falls of Racists, Nazi’s, Tea Party Konstitutional Kooks, and vapid Sarah-Palinesque puppet politicians who might otherwise have trouble landing a job at the local Dairy Queen. 

Wherever you are today—Arizona, Kansas, New York, Florida, California, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Washington, or Mississippi—take a look in the mirror, for if you do not do something today to help stem the tide of racism and hate that masquerades for the immigration debate in this country, then you are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.


  1. This is the fault of lawyers, how? That stupid position invalidates what could be useful information.

  2. @ Anonymous, either you ARE a lawyer, or skipped the class on logic…possibly both, but for sure one of them…Seriously, nothing in the post blamed whatever maladies therein on "lawyers". And even if it did, the taking of that position, in and of itself, would certainly not "invalidate" the information contained within the post. Call me stupid if you wish, but the opinions are mine, and they come from the heart.

    BTW—I AM a lawyer, my father is a lawyer, his father was a lawyer. I don't blame my predecessors for all my mistakes; I just wanted a medical procedure in the hopes that it would help me regain my humanity from my lawyering. Is that so bad?

    Okay, the format of the lawyering stuff on the blog needs updating (coming soon), but I've been busy screwing things up in my own life while I tell everyone what is wrong with theirs. It is what lawyers do. If we concentrate on your problems, and, oh, only when we get some money up front, then we don't have to look so hard at our own. Count me out, anonymous, but don't count on me staying that way.