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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Change We Can Believe In

If you believe you spotted DeadLawyer in the Kalamazoo, Michigan Burger King Elvis frequented after his premature demise, you might be on to something. 

Unlike Elvis, I’m resurfacing as promised.  I have relocated to Phoenix in order to observe the events of history from the Lion’s Den.

I hope to cover the prosecution of Sheriff Joe Arpaio for abuse of power first-hand.

The press of relocation business necessitated a short break from writing.  I also had to goof off some; I was a lawyer you know.  I play tennis.  I attend football games that my team loses to aspiring farmers planted on the banks of something called the Red Cedar. 

I drink a lot of Starbucks coffee.  I read a lot. 

But after two months and more than 6,000 miles, I am delighted to report that this country is filled with a melting pot of fabulous people.

About half of those people blame what they call “liberals” for poverty, racism, big government, the economy, and other assorted ills that the United States finds itself confronting at this moment. 

Today they will have a large hand in restoring some of the power that the Republican Party lost in the last election, as happens virtually every year in an off-year election.  They will believe that things will change for the better. 

As I explore a city where the racial tension is palpable, I am struck how we are all the same despite the exclamations of those who would call attention to our differences.  There’s nothing so homogenizing as the American Dream.  Some exist on the upper end of the dream, far more live and work the lower end. 

For the majority of people who toil on the lower end, today will be a necessary step backwards.  For people of color, the target on their back will grow just a little larger. 

For me, it is a day to remain in awe of the power of the Sun, and in the healing that ensues by reconnecting with an old friend. 

And making new ones.  And keeping tied to old ones.  And in not letting that be influenced by the color of someone’s skin, or in his or her ethnicity.  That’s change we can believe in.


  1. Truth from Mesa, AZDecember 15, 2010 at 2:38 AM

    I would say Welcome, but since we "have did" Jan Brewer the governor, I think we're supposed to ask all libruls to quit leaching off hard-working taxpayers, stop taking government handouts, and your papers please. Oh, and you should read the Constitooshun because apparently the framers were paranoid bigots who wrote in it how great America is.

    No but really, welcome. You've arrived during a time when the weather makes the 49 other states less enviable, however briefly.

    For a general guage of the average Arizonan citizen pulse (more or less), watch the MyFoxPhoenix morning show (4am-12:30 with some breaks). It's actually entertaining and bearable. Should you want news information with more substance and depth, CBS5 is critically acclaimed as well as critical of our current legislators -- which is also why this "smart people news channel" has some of the lowest ratings.

    Should you have any questions, comments, or death threats, please feel free to share and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction!

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