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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Racism based on SB 1070 marches onward

From National Socialist Movement web site
Just because racist law SB 1070 has had its guts ripped out courtesy of the United States Constitution and the federal judiciary in the form (thus far) of a courageous Hon. Susan R. Bolton does not mean the twisted movement is through by any means whatsoever.

SB 1070 will now be struck down more times in the federal court system than Pee Wee Herman would have had he took to the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime.

Like time though, a racist marches on.  It’s not exactly “Onward Christian Soldiers”, but there will be a parade.

The National Socialist Movement (this is false advertising, the name should be something like “National White People’s Movement”), a white supremacist group based in Detroit, Michigan, has secured a permits for a parade and for loud noise for an August 14, 2010 event in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Permit-applicant Brian Culpepper, who represents the group’s Volunteer-State chapter headquartered in Decatur, claims the event will be an “anti-amnestyrally to support Tennessee efforts to pass a law similar to SB 1070.

The white supremacist group claims to be getting “tremendous support” from mainstream conservatives on issues relating to immigration.  Birds of a feather do flock together, don’t they now?


  1. You've got that right Marty. How anyone can support a cause backed by white supremacists and still claim they are not racist is mind-boggling.

  2. Thanks for getting my point Amy; it seems to be escaping some people.

  3. Supremacists in any fashion are not right in anyway, and im not agreeing with the KKK folks, but I am not agreeing with the Hispanic Supremacists out here in AZ claiming that this land is their's and white people should go home. There is wrong on both sides, my point is simple. Illegal is illegal and illegal is a crime. Crimes deserve to be punished - its the law. If you want to be apart of the United States of America please do... we want you here; we want you as Americans! We don't want you to fly your flag from your home country above the American flag. Be kind to the country where you live, respect it, love it as though it was a brother or a father. USA deserves it. don't be cruel just use common sense and be lawful.

  4. Deb, I agree that anyone in AZ claiming this is “their land” and white people should go home are probably racists, but I certainly would not call those who are of Hispanic descent “Hispanic Supremacists”. Their point (and also the point of some Native American advocates) is that the land was theirs, and the white people essentially stole it from them. They are basically correct about that, though that is the way the human race has gone about territorial claims and squabbles for thousands of years. Does not, however, make it right.

    “White people go home” chanters are racists every bit as much as the people promoting and supporting SB 1070, but get real, what is the bigger problem?

    I could not disagree more with the balance of your comment.

    First of all, being an illegal alien in the US is NOT a crime, it makes you deportable on a civil basis, so get your facts straight before you start throwing labels around.

    I believe in being kind to the country where you live, respecting it, and loving it. But those are platitudes, truisms. Just because someone chooses to fly the flag of their homeland above the American flag does not mean they do not do so. Besides, who really gives a rat’s ass which country’s flag is on top? Don’t we have real problems to deal with without inventing them?